announcing artificial

I actually have two announcements.

First Announcement:

As some of my facebook followers already know I’ve begun work on a new film titled “Artificial.”

first screen shot of artificial taken from the film's prologue

first screen shot of artificial taken from the film’s prologue

Official logline: A young photographer is recruited by a mysterious visionary to help design a program that will recognize beauty.

I am shooting Artificial over the next year until the end of summer 2015. Myself, and Nate Olson (Buddy from Cult) will be starring. The film we be shot with a Blackmagic Production Camera in 4K resolution. There will be nearly an entire year of editing and sound design, which I plan on doing entirely myself this time around. This should have the film ready for the 2016/17 film festival season.

Unlike Cult, which I self-released almost immediately after it’s premiere I will be trying to get Artificial into as many film festivals as possible while seeking distribution.

I will be making constant video BTS and updates as we make the film in order to give everyone a unique look at the making of a low budget indie.

If you want to keep up to date, the Artificial Facebook Page is the best way.

Second Announcement:

I have recently received a grant of $2000 from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council. I can’t thank them enough. The support of my community means everything to me. This could not have been at a more perfect time.

I can’t wait to get to work and show everyone what we learned from making Cult.


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