cult is moving forward

In the film world it is said that the more restrictions you have, the more creative you have to be. The kickstarter campaign for Cult has failed. The number one restriction any independent filmmaker will have is the budget of their project. Well, now I have next to nothing for money, so creativity is going to be a must if we are to make this film. Over the next two months I am going to scrape together what I can equipment wise. The trick is going to be making this look cinematic with a severe lack of professional gear. I dislike a lot of the characteristics that low budget films have so I’m trying to find ways to avoid them. I’ve spent a lot of time watching some of my favorite director’s first films to help me decide exactly what I want out of mine. I have this idea that if you have a great story, the audience will let most imperfections go. Those imperfections won’t be annoying, they will be part of the film’s charm. People my age aren’t failing to make masterpieces because of their low budget, it is because they are too concerned with the budget. So here’s the deal: I am going to make this movie.


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